Bids for Connection

Cognitive Therapy (CBT) in San Francisco and Marin
Changing how you think is essential to changing self-defeating behavior.
I experienced profound changes, in my relationship with my husband and the
people I work with. Nothing short of amazing.
-- S.G.

I felt challenged in ways that allowed me to experience a
new level of compassion and empathy with my children. -- J.L.
What would it take to be happy?
To live life to its fullest; without shame, anger, hurt, anxiety and depression?

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there
was in me an invincible summer. --
Albert Camus
Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling (Dating & Marriage, Divorce and Infidelity), Family Therapy, Building Social Courage, Workshops in Overcoming the Fear of Conflict.

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